How To Decorate Entryway Table

In most of the households, there is an entry area by the front door, which is known as lobby or foyer. It consists of a coat hanger, shoe rack and umbrella stand, used by both residents and guests. People go to great lengths to decorate the foyer, because this is the first area that a guest sets eyes upon when he enters a person’s home. The way the foyer is decorated gives an impression about the owners of the home. Depending on the space in the foyer, you can opt for an entry table. They are not just for decoration, but are also very useful for a number of reasons. Here are some ways on how to decorate entryway table.

Types Of Entryway Tables

Before going into the details of how to decorate entryway table, it would be helpful to know a few types of entryway tables. An entryway table comes in various shapes, sizes, and designs. It is chosen by taking into account the space available as well as its function. Here are some kinds of entryway table for you to choose from.

a)   Console entryway table: It is a narrow table often with just two legs. It can be used in the lobby with less space. It is a versatile piece of furniture where you would usually  drop your keys into or mail or handbag.

b)   Rectangular entryway table: Depending on its size and space in your foyer, it can be set up against a wall or in the middle of the foyer.

c)   Half-moon entryway table: It is used in the lobby when space is limited and should be set against the wall.

d)   Round entryway table: It is suited for lobbies that have lots of space and look beautiful in the middle of the lobby rather than against the wall.

Entryway tables are also available with drawers and shelves. You must choose according to their storage capacities. The entryway tables also come with round or curved edges.

Material And Designs Of An Entryway Table

Generally, entryway tables are made of wood, glass, metal or stone. Wood such as oak, cherry, maple, pine or walnut is used. Contemporary entryway tables that come in a combination of wood and glass or metal and glass, add a touch of elegance to the entryway. Stones such as granite and marble give a rich look. Traditional entryway tables are made purely of wood that is carved or plain with intricate detailing.

The choice of material for entryway table is important since it should match the décor of the foyer. While wood and stone are best-suited for large entryways, metal and glass are suited for small entryways. It must reflect your individual style.

Entryway Table Decoration

As to how to decorate entryway table, the first thing to be kept in mind is that since the entryway table creates a first impression in the minds of many guests, it should not be too cluttered and must be decorated aesthetically. Decorating ideas for entryway table must take into consideration the size and shape as well as style of the entryway table. Here are some ways on how to decorate entryway table.

a)   An entryway table can be decorated with collection of photos displayed in attractive frames, a fresh bouquet of flowers in a vase or scented candles in candelabra.

b)   You can use table art sculpture with small cane basket or ceramic dish to drop keys or mail.

c)   To reflect simplicity, put small table lamps with attractive shades and design with a few stone or glass vases at one side of the entryway table.

d)   To add a touch of greenery, you can place a small potted plant with a display of photographs and on the other side a unique lamp.

e)   For round table, you can have an elaborate flower arrangement with small candles around it or just a wooden bowl of fresh fruit or flowers floating in water.

f)   Entryway tables can also be decorated according to a theme. For Christmas, you can place a mini Santa Claus with his reindeer; for Halloween, pumpkin and candies can greet guests.

At any rate, when you are considering how to decorate entryway table, you must choose a table that complements the color theme and decorating style of your foyer.